An approach - API Test Automaton & CI/CD Integration
    This Medium article (link in the url) post details about how you can configure your mindset and achieve possibility of developing and delivering zero defects API with TDD, Writing and automating Integration Test Cases and integrating automated tests with CI/CD build pipelines.
    Sonar Cloud Integration with Spring Boot
    In this DZone article (link in the url), I have explained detailed steps about scanning code with SonarCloud by locally executing maven sonar. It’s a very important phase where we should configure sonar quality gates at the very early stage of the development to eliminate surprises. Adding sonar quality gates later in the development cycle add on more issues due to high code density and then we will have to perform more regression and integration tests to make sure that sonar fixes are not breaking existing functionalities. Hence, get sonar configured at an early stage and follow the FAIL FAST approach!
    Application Monitoring with Prometheus
    I presented an overview session on Application Monitoring with Prometheus, where I talked about What is Application Monitoring, What is Prometheus, Prometheus Architecture, Prometheus Metrics, Prometheus Deployment View and Live code example of API monitoring.
    Introduction to ZeroCode Framework
    I got an opportunity to be part of happy2help group ( ) and to start with, I presented a introductory session on API Test Automation with ZeroCode Framework. Have a look at the YouTube video for detailed explanation with hands-on code on the call. There is a also a little talk in the start and end of the call about what Happy2Help group is all about and doing all awesome work!